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Songs In album
(You Gotta Walk and) Don't Look Back Bush Doctor
(You Gotta Walk) Don't Look Back The Gold Collection
(you gotta walk) don't look back - 2002 remastered version -
400 Years An Upsetters Showcase
400 years - outtake -
A Little Love Version 4 * Can't Blame the Youth
African Honorary Citizen
African - live; 2002 remastered version -
Amen The Toughest
Apartheid Equal Rights (Legacy Edition)
Arise Black Man Arise Black Man
Arise Blackman Can't Blame the Youth
Babylon Queendom Live and Dangerous
Black Dignity Honorary Citizen
Brand New Second Hand Legalize It
Brand New Second Hand [Version 1] An Upsetters Showcase
Brand New Second Hand [Version 2] An Upsetters Showcase
Buk-In-Hamm Palace Mystic Man
Bullsh** -
Bumbo Klaat * Honorary Citizen
Burial Live and Dangerous
Burial Dub -
Bush Doctor Bush Doctor
Can't Blame the Youth Can't Blame the Youth
Can't You See The Toughest
Cloud Nine An Upsetters Showcase
Cold Blood Wanted Dread and Alive
Come Together The Best Of
Come together - 2002 remastered version -
Coming In Hot Honorary Citizen
Creation Bush Doctor
Crystal Ball Mystic Man
Dem Ha Fe Get a Beatin' * -
Dog Teeth * Honorary Citizen
Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying An Upsetters Showcase
Don't Look Back Live at My Father's Place 1978
Don't Look Back (You've Gotta Walk) -
Downpresser The Toughest
Downpresser Man The Best of Peter Tosh: Dread Don't Die
Downpressor An Upsetters Showcase
Downpressor Man Honorary Citizen
Dracula * Honorary Citizen
Dreamland An Upsetters Showcase
Equal Rights Honorary Citizen
Evil Version * Can't Blame the Youth
Feel No Way Mama Africa
Fight Apartheid No Nuclear War
Fight On Mystic Man
Fire fire -
Fools Die Honorary Citizen
Fools Die (For Want Of Wisdom) Wanted Dread and Alive
Fools Die (For Want of Wisdom) - 2002 Remastered Version -
Four Hundred Years Can't Blame the Youth
Get Up, Stand Up Talking Revolution
Gla** House Mama Africa
Gla** Houses -
Gla**house The Best of Peter Tosh: Dread Don't Die
Go Tell It to the Mountain * Can't Blame the Youth
Go, Tell It On The Mountain -
Guide Me From My Friends Wanted Dread and Alive
Here comes the judge -
Here Comes the Sun Can't Blame the Youth
Honorary Citizen Honorary Citizen
Hoot Nanny Hoot * The Toughest
I Am That I Am Equal Rights
I'm the Toughest Honorary Citizen
Igziabeher Honorary Citizen
Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised) Legalize It
In My Song The Best Of
Jah Guide Equal Rights
Jah Say No Mystic Man
Jah Seh No Mystic Man
Johnny B. Goode Mama Africa
Jumbie Jamboree * The Toughest
Ketchy Shuby Honorary Citizen
Know Dem A Wicked Equal Rights (Legacy Edition)
Leave My Business Can't Blame the Youth
Legalize It Remedies for Babylon
Legalize It Version Honorary Citizen
Lesson In My Life The Best Of
Lessons In My Life No Nuclear War
Lion Honorary Citizen
Little Green Apples * Can't Blame the Youth
Maga Dog Can't Blame the Youth
Maga Dog - 2002 Remastered Version -
Making Love * The Toughest
Mama Africa Mama Africa
Mark of the Beast Honorary Citizen
Mark Of The Beast - Outtake -
Mark of the beats -
Memphis Arise Black Man
Moses The Prophet Bush Doctor
My Sympathy * Can't Blame the Youth
Mystery Babylon -
Mystery Babylon - Previously Unreleased Version Of Babylon Queendom -
Mystic Man Honorary Citizen
Na Goa Jail The Best Of
Nah Goa Jail No Nuclear War
New York Interview - 1986 Peter Tosh Interviews
No mercy -
No Nuclear War Honorary Citizen
No Sympathy Honorary Citizen
Not Gonna Give It Up Honorary Citizen
Not Gonna Give Up -
Nothing But Love Wanted Dread and Alive
Nothing But Love (Long Version) Wanted Dread & Alive
Oh Bumbo Klaat Wanted Dread and Alive
Once Bitten Honorary Citizen
One Love -
Peace Treaty Mama Africa
Pick Myself Up The Best Of
Picture On the Wall * An Upsetters Showcase
Pound Get a Blow Honorary Citizen
Rasta Shook Them Up * The Toughest
Rastafari Is Honorary Citizen
Recruiting Soldiers Mystic Man
Recruiting soldiers - 2002 remastered version -
Reggaemylitis Wanted Dread & Alive
Rightful Ruler Honorary Citizen
Rock With Me Honorary Citizen
Rok with me - 2002 remastered version -
Rumors Of War -
Rumors of War - 2002 Remastered Version -
Rumours Of War Mystic Man
Secondhand (a.k.a. Brand New Secondhand) Ver. 1 * The Toughest
Secondhand (a.k.a. Brand New Secondhand) Ver. 2 * The Toughest
Shame and Scandal The Toughest
Sinner Man The Toughest
Soon Come Can't Blame the Youth
Stand Firm Bush Doctor
Steppin Razor Remedies for Babylon
Stepping Razor Honorary Citizen
Stop That Train Mama Africa
Talking To Crowd * Live at My Father's Place 1978
Testify No Nuclear War
That's What They Will Do The Best of Peter Tosh: Dread Don't Die
The Day The Dollar Die Mystic Man
The Poor Man Feel It Wanted Dread and Alive
The poor man feel it - 2002 remastered version -
The Toughest The Toughest
Them a fe get a beaten Arise Black Man
Them a Fi Get a Beatin' * Can't Blame the Youth
Till Your Well Runs Dry Legalize It
Treat Me Good * The Toughest
True Love An Upsetters Showcase
Upsetting Station * An Upsetters Showcase
Vampire No Nuclear War
Vampire - outtake -
Wanted Dread & Alive -
Wanted Dread and Alive Wanted Dread & Alive
Wanted Dread Or Alive The Best of Peter Tosh: Dread Don't Die
Watcha Gonna Do Legalize It
We Can Make It Uptight * Can't Blame the Youth
What a Confusion * An Upsetters Showcase
When the Well Runs Dry * The Toughest
Where You Gonna Run Mama Africa
Where you gonna run - long version; 2002 remastered version -
Why Must I Cry Legalize It
You can't blame the youth Equal Rights
You Can't Fool Me Again Can't Blame the Youth