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Peter Gunz - One Life to Live lyrics

[ VERSE 1 ]
[ Lord Tariq ]
And on the seventh day the Lord made money
On the sixth day I busted my gun
500,000 is a half of one
Caught the ki's on consigment for 63 hundred
On sale but only for Bronx n***as cause we want it
Gone head-up with the connect just to gain my respect
With the game that I shot througout the plains of the US
Made a claim to this, which is to k** or get k**ed
So why carry if you leave it concealed? For real
[ Peter Gunz ]
When I caught my gun charge, a felony
n***as was tellin me, Gunz instead of totin guns
You should rhyme about guns
Instead of bustin guns, n***a, get funds
And let these n***as know you be the one
So I went from Rikers Isle to Coxsackie
Wrote letters with plans, you never got at me
You put a block on your phone so I'd never call
But I knew one day I'll be home to ball
And watch you n***as fall
[ Lord Tariq ]
Yo, me and Peter Gunz move in silence, our footsteps discrete
On blocks to backstreets where the murders meet
This fast money keeps a n***a standin firm on his feet
And best believe that we playin for keeps; meet
The Lord Tariq and PG, n***a, ain't nothin happenin
Silver Benz, silver B's, my cars matchin the platinum
You think cause you a star it can't happen
We can put down the mics, pick up the guns and get to clappin

[ Chorus 2x ]
You got one life to live, one gun to bust
One n***a to save, one n***a to rush
It's all about s**, money, life or d**h
You gotta make a choice, is it right or left?

[ VERSE 2 ]
[ Peter Gunz ]
On 174th I learned the real meaning of bustin that motherf**in gun up
Case a n***a run up, leave a n***a done up, dark to sun up
Be ready to flee
Yo Lord, tell em where you be
[ Lord Tariq ]
Catch me in the Bronx on Cozy surrounded by thug n***as
No-love-n***as, peel-a-n***a-rug-n***a, what n***a?
Feel a n***a out first avoidin bug n***as
Breakin bread with some big name drug n***as
Cause it's in my blood, n***a what
Deal goin down the park, I want a cut, or get cut the f** up
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A n***as lust to bust guns the way a n***a bust nuts
n***a trust none but bust guns for trust funds
So if you ever need a n***a, beep me, 911
And watch how quick a n***a come to leave another n***a numb
I'm from Soundview projects where all my n***as from
And Uptown it's disrespect to call another n***a son
[ Peter Gunz ]
Peter Gunz, you know my friends say I'm sane, some say I'm off
Label me Roc-A-Fella cause I'm hot like Sauce
I want a Testarossa but I settle for a Porsche
sh**, you ask me why, well that motherf**er cost
Greenbacks, it's time to lean back and set the road
And enjoy the money from this music sh** I sold
This rap sh** is platinum? Well that other sh** is gold
But it seem money-wise that other sh** got it sewn

[ Chorus 2x ]

[ VERSE 3 ]
[ Lord Tariq ]
Yo Gunz, I know there's a lot of n***as schemin now
Cause they heard that we got it
[ Peter Gunz ]
I got nothin but clips for n***as lookin at my pockets
Consider your life equivalent to the sh** on my wrist
[ Lord Tariq ]
And while we squeezin you can think about this
(Peter Gunz)
n***a, six shots to the chest
[ Lord Tariq ]
The other 10 to yo head
So even if you got yo vest, you face the color of dead
[ Peter Gunz ]
These Bronx n***as born and bred and if you creep you can get it
But keep in mind when you walk, you gots to take these bullets with it
[ Lord Tariq ]
Like blaouw!
Y'all n***as know the deal now, I'm foul
I do a k**ing with a smile
[ Peter Gunz ]
So how the f** you gonna rumble with the biggest n***as
With the biggest triggers that's countin figures
And steady blastin on you b**h n***as
[ Lord Tariq ]
It be the Bronx, n***a, borough of kidnappers and rappers
( ? ) and break bread with the crackers
[ Peter Gunz ]
See it's like plain and simple, the kings of the temple
We the first one to bust you like a pimple

[ Chorus ]

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