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Peter Gunz - Fiesta lyrics

Chorus: Lord Tariq

Party, all night, fiesta, forever
Getting cheddar, whatever, together, whatever

Verse 1: Lord Tariq

One dres on the six, I resurrect the willie, hottest (dick)
I'm rich, plotter on your daughter, I'm magician cause I trick
And your man wanna flip, cause I'm poppin that (sh**)
Takin the shop (b**h), yo honey hoppin the whip
(sh**'s) real, I won't hit it, n***as droppin, will split
Spend the money, matter fact, I've seen these crouch it can get
Take the keys to the reigns, black 4.6, cause all the (b**hes) want this
PDS on your fist, platinum on your neck, show part on your wrist
Take it, no I insist, we can (f**) in the morning
And shop through the day
Tonight Max was performing so we can go play
Huh, jealousy and envy lurch through the party
When the women see the up (dick) it's luster for your body
Considered drug-dealers because we spark rollies and
His and hers chillers, I'm a lover not a k**er
So let's just

Chorus (2x)

Verse 2: Lord Tariq

Aiyyo Gunz, I met this freaky (b**h) about a week ago
In New York, by the beacon yo, lookin like a sneaky hoe
Even though she had a few friends, about 3 or 4
Standing by the sneaker-store, and said that she seen me before
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But I don't believe it yo, she must have seen the ice-shinin
Beneath the sleeve-roll, she like the way the diamonds go
Never mind (b**h), I'm about to blow, I gotta swerve
And she had the on fast to commin a**, she can go
Without a question yo, backseat the hard one
Parked around the corner, laid pipe like a plummer
Ran through her all summer, from tha morning to tha night
And I even trick a little, kepting shorty tight
For the

Chorus (2x)

Will Tracks:

Just do it, don't stop now
Make it hurt you, just a little bit
Not too much, it's workin
Getting money all right now (2x)

Verse 3: Lord Tariq

A lot of women wanna be with me
Cause I sport linen, and I hang around with Peter G
And they see me grinnin, rim spinnin on the silver-3
Step to me and ask (Lord Tariq are you feelin me)
Come on (b**h), dealin me, I'm boss playa MVP
Getting cash frequently, easy a**, 1-2-3
Doin at the leather-seat
You wanna be (f**ed), me I'm kinda horny luckily
Back in the club we get it on, it's the thug in me

Chorus (2x)

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