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Penacho Beats - K Active to the hazel to the L lyrics

[Part 1: Money Bag$]

[Verse: K Active]
Money kind of got this ???, pull up in a foreign
Yeah yo b**h know I am gone off a perc and a xan
Pull up to these shows make these bands
Ice on my neck, cost me check, got yo hoe throwing that
Wake up in the morning with my chains on that's my Ford and Flex, go to ??? cause I flex

[Part 2: K Active to the hazel to the L]

[Intro: yusdrew & WAV]
Yusdrew: Yo WAV, you heard about K Active?
WAV: The kid with the ice on his neck?
Yusdrew: Yeah, that p**y, flipping bottles in the studio... landed

[Verse: yusdrew]
They don't want to play games they just say what's up
I'm playing with yo sister she riding me on the bus
Heard you got the ice but the ice is f**in' fake
I ain't here to play (x3)
I'm just here to state that I'm the GOAT, if I never started rapping b**h you wouldn't have a flow

R.I.P. K
L Active (x3)

[Verse 2]
Yeah I'm trying to find a reason why not to give up
They say life is f**in' better when you keep your damn head up
I know it might be true, but for me there's no clue
And I'm trying to find my better but my better is with you
And I know it's okay, it's not love with no pain
I know one day we'll be happy living life like it's okay

[Refrain 2]
K Active, let me help a n***a with Proactive
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Let me f**in' bring an L, f** a f**in' Active

Rawr, Rawr, Rawr, XD

[Verse 3]
Okay my name is yusdrew, who the f** are you
Come on to my house and I'ma show you what I do
Ball up in my backyard while we eating that fondue
Why you look amazed, looking at your face
Never kicked it with a n***a who's reaching the fame, who cares if I'm fifteen I ain't got no time for games

[Refrain 3]
Yusman, yusman

What you talkin' 'bout, I only kick it with the n***as that know what I'm 'bout
If you a phony n***a, them I'm gonna pull around
Arleta f**in' high school you know I ain't join the team that's a D1 bound school
Playing on the field, you know how I feel
I never joined the football team cause that just ain't the deal, yusman

[Verse 4]
I'm a yusman yeah, I had to play my part
You wanted to ride with me but you hadn't put your part
I guess that's how life is you ain't ??? part
Rest in peace me n***a, rest in peace Ali n***a yeah

Go check out WAV, he dropped a f**in track
Beat's f**in' fire n***a you gotta here it
At WAV, follow me on Instagram, yusdrew
Follow WAV, at WAV
No I'm just kidding it's at royalWAV
Follow me Instagram too again, Y-U-S-D-R-E-W, yusdrew
We got London on the Track, BITCH

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