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Penacho Beats - Introduction To My Fight/One Hit lyrics

Lately I been drowning in the wave
Slowly gone insane
Dark thoughts clouding up my brain
Reconnecting with the pain
While ejecting different strains
It's funny how we go threw hell expecting to meet saints

Idolizing f**ing devils
Hope we still make it up to heaven
Haven't spoken to the reverend

Didn't listen to the preacher
Ignored the f**ing coach just to listen to the bleachers
Only went to cla** to be hissing at my teachers
Kept the atittude now i'm sh**ting on your features

Like a motherf**ing fetish
These n***as talking war like I ain't motherf**ing ready
I'm about to hit the Belly
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Free abortion for you b**hes
I want the whole cake, f** a portion of the riches
Poppin off on porches, it's important that we get it
Stack a fortune if we fortuned to be living
Chances are not given

It's on you to f**ing take one
Done lost my Idols, now it's on me to f**ing make one

Cause if you lose one, you gotta make one
A n***a f**ing with me, n***a there ain't none
Sometimes you crack a f**ing Jaw or you break one
You got to take one
You got to take one
Take, Take, Take one, one hit
You got to take one
Take one, one hit
You got to take one
Take one, one hit x2

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