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Penacho Beats - Goat lyrics

(you are now listening to Noah North)
Goat... (woo!)
Goat... (I am-I am)
I am the Goat. (woo!)
I am the Goat
Whoop Whoop, I am the goat

[Verse 1]
Washin' dishes, made some bread
Then went and bought a pot to piss in
Ate some bread
I got to live
I threw some bread
I contradicted contradiction, monster vision
Saw this life and I pondered it
And I was only 16 when I wandered in it
I was livin' off dreams now I'm sponsored livin'
I would love to talk
I got a concert
This sh** is dope (thi-this sh** is dope)

Say I f**ing sound like Drake
Cause I'm great
Why-why must you hate
Why-why are you fake
Die-die in a lake
I-I am the Goat
Time of all great
Great of all time I just ate 'em alive you can shut up and drive
That's why your girls hit me up all the time
Never hit 'em back though
But him 'em from the back though
We can take this to the back yo
See I'm just spittin' facts, bro
MAC go clap-clap-clap, bro
I-I just want the city on the map
With my back
I was broke
Now I stack
I was busy spittin' crack
Livin' fab
Read a texts
Now I made it all back, bro
That's why I'm the Goat

Goat... (huh!)
The Goat...
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(whoop whoop whoop!)
I am a Goat!
The Goat
b**h, I am a Goat!
The Goat
(whoop whoop!)
I am a Goat!

[Verse 2]
I was on a boat in Venice
Overzealous, actin' reckless
Mom, I couldn't even pa** electives
Now I walk through the halls and get mad respect
From adolescence lookin' up and askin' questions
Snap 'em up, take a picture, sign a paper, sign a titty
They convince me, lay Da Vinci, rock Jah Vinci, new Medici
Makin' history (make-make-makin' history)
Whi-white gold, Balenciagas, I just been livin' the dream
Pull up on pull up on somethin' they bangin'
I'm k**in' the scene
Everyone follow the NorTH they wanna know whatever we bring
I got too much on my mind like I feel like I'm all in my prime
I got models and dimes that I never reply to
All these rappers are dead to me, who you alive to? (who?)
This ain't nothin' to me I been stuntin' since high school
(Know I been doin' this sh** from the jump I got all of my n***as with us thats my n***a, my n***a.....)

I am a Goat! (woo!)
Goat... (I am-I am)
I am the Goat. (woo!)
I am the Goat
(woop woop!)
I am the Goat


North doe
I am a a**hole
Sorry I'm a a**hole!
I been makin' quapo
This the new motto
Why do they talk about me, like I'm a Goat?
You don't know me. I am a Goat
Why are you talking? Goat!


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