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Pedro Fernando - Hustle Hard lyrics

Pedro Fernando
(I Do It)
Hustle (10x)
Ha! Coke Boys, Taylor Boys

Same old sh**, just a different day
Out here tryna get it, each and every way
Momma need a house
Baby need some shoes
Times are getting hard
Guess what I'mma do
Hustle hustle, hustle hustle, hustle hustle, hard
Hustle hustle, hustle hustle, hustle hustle, hard
Hustle hustle, hustle hustle, hustle hustle, hard
Closed mouths don't get fed on this boulevard

[Verse 1]
Okay, now big bank in my pocket
Double up with my profit
See this sh** then I cop it
Gimme that-that there and then drop it
Homie, hold up with my mojo
Peep the whip and that logo
24's and they low pro
I bet she f**ing, I know so
n***a ain't no doubt about it
Riding round with that rocket
Load it up and I cock it
Send bout a couple off in your noggin
Hear them 808's and they knockin'
Whole club and they rockin'
Rosé in them buckets
All my homies up in here vibing
n***a big sh** in my household
Real n***as I die for
Creeping off in that Tahoe
All about that de l'argent
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n***a don't stop the party
We be getting gnarley
Ol' kimosabe homies chiefing like a Marley
Cause its the-


[Verse 2]
Okay, now all I know is hustle
Get it off the muscle
Block is my attire
Keep them sticks off in that cupboard, n***a
I be going hard, b**h I'm going hard
I just hit the mall
You just swipe the card
I'm with a couple latin broads
I just do menage
f** you other guys
p**y telling lies
Homie, free my n***a AG
f** you n***as pay me
Swagging in my Saleen
Two-door coupe Mercedes
I am too much for you busters
b**hes I don't trust 'em
f** 'em once I f** 'em
Lust 'em never love 'em
They won't play me for no s**er, play me for no paper
Make my b**hes stomp her
Alpha zeta mega, better no-one really on it
Drive it, bet I own it
Money is involved, better know I'm on it
That's wording to my mother
Gotta get it one way or another
I put that on my brother
I'm out here on the come-up
But its-


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