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Pedro Fernando - Gallardo lyrics

[Hook x2: Pedro Fernando]
I only f** with n***as in them Lambos (Gallardo)
I only f** with n***as in them Lambos (Murcielago)
Doors going up, hoes going HAM
Doors going up, hoes going HAM

[Bridge: Pedro Fernando]
n***as buyin p**y, n***as buyin p**y
n***as buyin p**y, n***as buyin p**y

[Verse 1: Pedro Fernando]
Gucci, Liberace, Dope Boy and Versace
Came from beefaroni, all I see is lobster
Lamborghini lover, keep my b**hes topless
I pay them boys to do it, keep my record flawless
May run for state attorney just to free my dogs
I chose to run these streets until I was a boss
Don't call it yo house until you paid it off
I pay up for a mouth just like a round of golf
I try to stay in shape, I'm standing counting ones
Red Lamborghini, b**hes know I'm drivin one
n***as buyin p**y, boss buyin p**y
I could buy the club, boss buyin toosies
Diamonds on my neck, call me K.O.D
I just want it for a n***a, so I pay the fee

[Hook] (x2)


[Verse 2: Pedro Fernando]
When I bought my Lamborghini I paid cash n***a
Crack money, got it out the stash n***a
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I got a Need For Speed, I'm in the sport cars
I f** with feds just like I did my sport cars
I'mma let you n***as buy the p**y
I may tip her for the head then I keep it pushin
Hoes chasin that bag, 200 on my dash
I'm 200 with my n***as, I bring 200 with me back
b**h you bad and I know it, been here on the court
You gon be strippin, sellin p**y til you make it to the Forbes
And my b**hes be exotic, I pull up in the hunned
So white, so exotic, all set Forgiatis
And the man back grindin with my main Brick Squad
Then you b**hes cookin' up until the yay jump hard, b**h!

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 3: Gunplay]
My campaign sip BelAire, I smoke til no air there
Them monkey n***as some care bears, I'm chokin on my tear gas
My molly look like mirror gla**, f** feelings, I feel cash
I cut ceilings and build past you, plastic cars are still ratchet
Don't need cuts, real Caspers, double M, real bastards
Body count, real caskets, pimpin' on them Cleopatras
Just money, me and that, just AK, we not just MIA
We in action, don't turn this in a reenactment
I'm just tryin to be a real rhymer, still swaggin, see about you
Try f**in with me and my sh**, nah, that's that Vietnam sh**
f** that BMI sh**, I got me a ki, I'm outchea
Plus that Beamer dot ya, arrivadesche
Ain't pleading mercy, just Lambo free and mercy
Break b**hes, pee in purses, f** hoes and they reimburse me


[Hook + Bridge]

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