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Pedro Fernando - Close That Door lyrics

(Pedro Fernando)
Close that door
Aye Aye

(Chief Keef)
Close that door (x12)
What the f** you want, I need to close this door

[Pedro Fernando]
That f** n***a ain't just close that door, blow his throat, aye
That f** n***a ain't just know his role, blow his nose, aye
That f** n***a steady acting slow
I'ma blow his brain
Cops grab me, I be acting slow
"I don't know his name!"
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Close that door
Aye, close that door
The feds watching me, they ain't got nothing to do
I got ran up upon, the cops came in like "You!"
You the one that's selling the blows, that 62
I got a 17 5 pack, I charge it 62
I got hoes for sale, for top it's 52
Gave that b**h 200 dollars, took the fin and threw it
She s**ing dick, you ho lil bags, you silly you
Now close that door behind yourself you lil f**ing dummy

(Chief Keef)
Close that door behind yourself, you ain't getting no f**ing money
Close that door girl, don't y'see I'm counting this f**ing money
And the feds watching, and I'm still f**ing stunting


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