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Paula & Karol - Goodnight Warsaw lyrics

Friday night, with my friends
We go to different parties
Drawn by city lights and heartache
Looking different places for hope
And singing to the stars above

And God knows we've wasted
Oh so many chances
But the lines on our faces
Only seem to grow with our love
The mind the heart and the spirit of ...

Common sense, don't make no sense to me
I'm free to go
Free as a man can be

And if live here was simple
We could lead a life less sinful
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Less obvious and meaningful
But this place is filled with
People like you who like to have
A drink or two

As you light that cigarette
And make your way down my bed
We both know and understand that
We all look different
Plese for hope
Like making love without
Falling in love

Goodnight Warsaw
Sleep tight don't go
Droppin' them dreams
In the river below
You've got too much pride
I know

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