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Paula & Karol - Whole Again lyrics

So much on my mind i feel I've wasted all this time on feeling fine
This hole inside my chest seems to take in all the best of what was
Mine. But on the road again I just feel blessed to roam this land
And have this band. And it'll all be gone so soon so here's a heart
Song a moon and we'll be trought
And I am whole, I am whole again
I am whole. I am whole again
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And people always say, your heart is on display, you've let it go
Too far it carries you it carries you it carries you away...
And not much i could say to all the ones who travelled far, but
Lost their way and not much I can do for anyone who tried so
Hard but wasn't you but i'll keep my dear ones close as that
North wind stirs the sea and hits the coast and it'll all be gone
So soon - so here's a heart, a son, a moon and we'll be through
I am whole, I am whole again (x4)

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