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Paul Millns - Two lyrics

She sits alone beside the telephone
Will he ring or call or come back home
Rooms seem somehow too large and cold
She'll buy things tomorrow and fill up the holes
She thinks she hears footsteps outside the door
But it's no one there like all the times before
In the next room a baby wakes
The night falls apart with every move she makes

And he's over in the bar just across the road
Not far away but enough to make him feel bold
Every drink seems just to seal his fate
He'd like to leave but now it seems too late
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He thinks somehow he's deserved some kind of better deal
How could she ever understand the way that he feels
Sometimes he looks back across the road
The streets so wide and the nights so cold

Trying to find something else to help forget
She watches news, views late-night film on her TV set
When the picture's no longer there
She still doesn't move, seems a part of the chair
A last coffee, another cigarette
He won't come back now before she goes to bed
In the next room a baby cries
But she's asleep now and it cries and cries

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