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Paul "Hollywood Hotsauce" Dawson - Middle of You lyrics

Theres nothing like my insulated walls around you
It's so warm
Don't you want to celebrate it
You can find me, somewhere in the middle of you
Somewhere in the middle of you
When I'm looking for the truth
I find it in the middle of you

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
You know I keep that weed lit
Met her once and let me hit
You asking for the remix, calling me cause this ain't what she want
She say, she need this, g-sh**
Rolling Papers, told the neighbors
I be tryna keep you quiet, once we grown we sure to wake 'em
Roll this weed, before you leave, be sure to bake one
Got a man, but when he gone the boy replace him
Smoking OG Kush, that's Californication
On the phone you fussing, while we fornicating


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Well, I'mma let you roll one
Let you light it
Nice car, let you drive it
Let you have the time of your life
Go on and get excited
Yup, all your friends invited
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My j**elry the brightest
Loud weed, I'm smoking Leonidas
On my team, only cause we the tightest
Shopping spree's, sh** I should be your stylist
Them n***as try to beat
When you with me I pound it
Get you so high you gone need a pilot


[Bridge: Wiz Khalifa]
You roll one, I'll roll one too
You find me
Me in the middle of
You roll one, I'll roll one too
Nowhere I'd rather be
Than the middle of you

[Verse 3: Chevy Woods]
Bottle after bottle
Got you ready for the world to see it, all
3am in the morning, I'm the one you call
Got the car keys, pedal to the floor, I'm on my way flow
I ain't on no kid sh** but I stay with some play dough
Keep it Taylored, everyday she notice that
Roll it up, light with my homies, sit and hold it in
That's a fact you chilling too much
You need excitement
Now you sky high, on some first flight sh**


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