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Paul "Hollywood Hotsauce" Dawson - Know Your Name lyrics

Excuse me
I couldn't help but notice
You noticing me
And I was definitely noticing you
My name is
Hah, you know my name
But listen
I have a question

[Verse 1]
No it ain't like me to drop too hard
Or go out of my way to know who you are
Said you're not one for chasing
But I'll admit something in you has got my attention girl?
So if I can be a gentleman can I ask your permission girl?

If it's alright with you baby
Can I know your name? I wanna know your name
And maybe call you sometime, oh baby
Can I know your name? I wanna know your name
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Can I know your name?

[Verse 2]
Looking at you girl I see so much
(So much potential for something better than that)
Like maybe me and you becoming us
I'm not trying to scare you
But in your eyes I can see why people write love songs
And if God allowed I could see how I can love you for so long

[Chorus x2]

Something about you
That makes me wanna know you

Said I wanna get to know you
I just wanna show you me
Said I really wanna get to know you
See what this thing could be

[Chorus x2]

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