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Paul Hodge - Enough lyrics

(Hillary Clinton)
No! It is never you, is it?
You're never to blame.
There's nothing that you could do.
It's always the same

So that you can feel good you just turn a blind eye.
But you can't live like that, Bill, and neither can I.

I'd hoped you'd stop doing it, Bill.
You'd learn to be whole and stop leading to lives.
But now I know you never will.
And I just can't see how our marriage survives.

Bill, why do you do this stuff?
Why do you need more?
Aren't I enough?

Why do you need someone else?
What did I do wrong?
Did I bring this on myself?
Was I just too strong?

You're the one that I talk to, to know what to do
Don't know where to turn now I can't turn to you.

Bill, we used to work as a team.
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Togeather we could have accomplished it all.
But now you have shattered that dream.
You threw it away over something so small.

The thing that is so damn tough is
I still love you, Bill
But is that enough?

Yes, we need love but trust is needed more
In the past, you've screwed up but never lied to me before.
So how can I know nothing else is going on?
The trust is destroyed and all we've built is gone.

Cause I had a dream to pursue,
But I set it aside to support as your wife.
But now that is gone cause of you
And you've made a waste of a half of my life

I'm not gonna take any more.
If this is your choice then you make it alone.
And I will not be ignored.
It's time I start building a life of my own

Cause now I have had enough.
I've made up my mind
Enough is enough

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