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Paul Herman - Birthday Girl lyrics

[Verse 1]
Not out of the woods yet
I haven't brought the goods yet
Are we here to say goodbye?
I wish I could support you
I wish I could afford to
Give me one more chance to shine
And if I don't live up to this
I'll stay in the wilderness
Staring at a lonely sky
It's what I deserve
What I should be reduced to
And I won't even ask
Why you brought me in your car boot, and

I am curious as to
Why you're so furious
And I know your moods are serious

[Verse 2]
We could've gone anywhere
If you wanna shoot the breeze
But I remember you said
You're at one with the trees
If you're sick of my questions
I won't say a word
But one quick suggestion
f** what you heard
If this is a test, dear
I wanna pa**, flying colours
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And baby, we're the best, we're
Better than the others, so

I am curious as to
Why you're so furious
And I know your moods are serious

[Verse 3]
What's that in your bag, dear?
I hope it's just a kiss
You shouldn't be so mad, dear
On a night as clear as this
I hope that's not a hammer
I pray it's just a rose
Stop thrashing at my head, love
Stop pulling on my clothes
I'm starting to feel weak, babe
It's cold here on the gra**
I can't even speak, babe
But I really need to ask
Was it something that I did?
I need to be reminded
I need to be reminded
I've got it, I know it's too late
I wish I could explain
Please don't walk away
My sight's beginning to fade
And the lights are turning to grey
And the night is starting to change
Sorry I missed your birthday

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