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Paul Heaton - (Man Is) The Biggest b**h of All lyrics

Feat : Jacqui Abbott

[Verse 1]
Come away with me...
Come away with who?
The man who let me down, down, down
Or the one who loved me true

[Pre-Chorus 1]
The man who promised me that he'd love me till the very end
Or the one I caught in family bed wearing, wearing my best friend
Ooh, my best friend
Same if they're Marios
Same if they're Pauls
Same if in his business suits
Or worker's overalls

Women, keep your heads up through the pubs and clubs he trawls
For man is the biggest b**h of all

[Verse 2]
Run away with me...
Run away today?
Taxi to the airport
[Lyrics from: https:/**h-of-all.html]
And get me on the way

Beggars can't be choosers and you'd think by choosing you
Better than some poor old beggar holding bowl in queue
Holding bowl in queue


As he flashes photos of her to his mates
And tells his sn******ging pals she's took the bait
His Facebook status stays a spitting place
Same if they're Mohammeds
Same if they're Pauls
Man is the biggest b**h of all

[Verse 3]
So you look into the eyes of the partner's that we've vouched
You know we've found our loves like single gloves
Down back of couch
Down back of couch


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