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Paul Heaton - Capital Love lyrics

Feat : Jacqui Abbott

[Verse 1]
It'll climb the chapel, take the lead off the roof
Run along the arm, nick the kettle and the pews
Sell the congregation for a dollar or two
Capital love

Who rings the bell in the middle of the night?
Sellin' you short for a friend that's died
Floggin' you flowers for the tears that've dried
Capital love
[Pre-Chorus 2]
Criticise your plans as a communist dream
Serve you up nothing but utopian queen
Sell you back the water from your mountain stream
Capital love

Who shot Martin Luther King?
Who shot JR?
Who got JFK in the sights and blew him out of the car?
Who the hell shot John Lennon?
Who's gonna shoot Ringo and Paul?
Ten pound note, dollar bill
Capital shot them all

[Verse 2]
Grab you at the airport like you're up the shops
Charge you five pounds so you're last night's slops
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Try to clean your window every time your car stops
Capital love

That's how the cheaps, your Jane and Jack
Chance to invest and get a little bit back
Turn the whole town into two-bed flats
Capital love

[Pre-Chorus 1]
Moving Indians in where the cowboys built
Make you feel guilty about the oil they spilt
Try to get your sponsor and a leopard they k**ed
Capital love


It takes your favourite singer before they died
Leave every tape running, for the hurt you buyed
Dig the bastard up, record the crime
Capital love, capital love, capital love...

Who put Reagan in a bulletproof vest?
Who X-marked the spot on Malcom X
The same cold caller or a wanted text
Capital love, capital love, capital love...

Capital love, love, love... x3
Capital love... x5

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