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Paul Heaton - Blackbird on the Wire lyrics

[Verse 1]
Eyes to take you dancing
Mouth to leave your wife
Legs to run away with
And you wonder why?

Heart that makes you bypa**
Every other girl
Smile that keeps you grinning
At the madness of this world
But like the blackbird on the wire
I will not take prey on you
You wouldn't want me to, for
I am too soft for such a thing

And like the blackbird on the wire
I just watch you by
The tears I knew I'd cry
Fall unnoticed down below

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[Verse 2]
Front to make you happy
Back to make you weep
Lips to keep you kissing
Whilst everyone's asleep

Tears to break a backbone
Laughs to win a war
And people come and ask me
What I love you for?


And with the tongue built from quicksilver
And the character of steel
They actually come and ask me
How I feel?


Down below, down below, down below...

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