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Paul Heaton - A Little Piece of Advice lyrics

[Verse 1]
Guard your body with the best barbed wire
And ward off foe with the fiercest of fire
But let love unguarded into the strangest of nights

Wear your dresses like they're up for hire
And leave them with your humor in the tumble dryer
And watch yourself stumble down a lane with no lights
[Pre-Chorus 1]
School, like life, turns some men into mice
What you need now is a little piece of mouse advice

Well, they say be wary of strangers
Especially if they offer you sweets
But there ain't no government health warning
On half the mad f**ers you meet

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Save yourself personal tragedy
Go back to the man with the sweets
Do yourself schooling favor
Head back to the man with the sweets

[Verse 2]
Those who feared cancer never had much to say
They bored us at parties onto forty a day
They forced us into corners and onto forty a day

The dentist's chair is the only time
That anybody ever looks at their mouth
The dentist give their teeth something to chatter about

[Pre-Chorus 2]
School, like life, turns some men into mice
To avoid the rat-trap, take the mouse's advice


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