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Paul Heaton - 101 Percent Man lyrics

[Verse 1]
I've seen these people described as mad
But find men kissing too odd
Say all their friends are gay when in fact
They gave a man in tight vest a quick nod

And all those threats, if you keep kissing
They're gonna go report you to God
Yet if Christ really had that many disciples
There was probably one of you in his squad
And any news you receive would lead you to believe
Of the other world little is known
So that every gay presenter should really wear a sweater
With 'Kids, don't try this at home'

There are gay men who've knocked homophobics clean out
When most would have turned and ran
Gay men who hate it when they get called queer
And gay men who don't give a damn

Some gay men go wearing women's makeup
Just to prove to themselves they can
And on the masculine side of this whole wide world
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There is no 101 percent man

[Verse 2]
Those who have only seen Gay Pride
Think it's a lifelong license to shock
But men have kissed men since way back when
If you were caught, you'd be put in a stock

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus]

[Verse 3]
And when the Tom Robinson band sang
'Sing if you're glad to be gay'
We all joined in, and though most of us weren't
The song seemed to show us the way

And as the song reached it's end, you looked for the friend
That made singing along feel okay
It ain't San Francisco, but you're end-of-term disco
And the dance floor's beginning to sway



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