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PassThePeart - Dance With Me/Naja Dat Boo Thang lyrics

Part 1- Dance With Me

[Intro: PassThePeart & Nikki]

This yo song
This my song

[Verse: PassThePeart]

I got the beat-you got the drink
Can't think
Flashing Lights set the dance floor
Made you blink
It's okay babe
Know I'm not your type cause your type our the ones who don't treat you right
Cause you deserve better
Hard to sit down and think it over night and as you think it over night
You deserve better
So go head take off your sweater
Here to make it better as you dance
Just dance with me
Even if you not impress in what you see
Fuck it
Go head and dance with me
This yo favorite jam As you grab my hand
Want you to understand The plan
Lights Camera Action
Take out the first two cause the third one's attracting
Got you reacting-fuck the acting
Lets take action
As you dance
Why don't you just dance with me?
It's better when you dance with me
Go head and Twerk...Work x3
Look at what you done
With that pretty dress like you on one
This our time to have fun
Smelling like perfume
So lets turn this stage into our stage our bedroom
Can't complain as I spit this game have yo mind insane
Well I'm just saying you should dance with me with all that energy
Got us both higher than ceiling
Man what an beautiful feeling
Ain't into the slow music rather oo kill em
Cold nights have you & I just chilling
The best nights is when two people find each other appealing
This ain't no vacation-so girl why you tripping see
You could dance with me Til 8 through 3
Eyes lock me now I'm alittle horny like shoot I hope she don't see
But love ain't corny
So hopefully we could fly along with the cool breeze
Thank you for this night as we end the night when you dancing with me

[Verse 2: Nikki](Outro)

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Go head boy
Grab My hand boy
I'll dance with you boy
On the ending of this night
So let's just dance

Part 2- Naja Dat Boo Thang

[Intro: PassThePeart]
Where we going?
Where you taking me?

[Verse: PassThePeart]

Met her at Oakwood where it first was all good
Had an thought in my mind like what if but never really understood
This feeling had me punting an four like I was Tiger Woods
Just trying to change an bad situation into an good
But what am I saying
Saw her at College Registration
Steady contemplating is this love like God made it or Lust created by Satan
My mindset stated her & I different places
Told her my name is Darren
She Laugh as I waited
(Awkward Silence)
Like ah what's your name?
She said it was Naja so I couldn't complain
Because this girl was the torch and of course I had the flame
What a shame
A few weeks after
Caught her at a house party dancing with this Baster
Homeboys told me yo this ain't the girl you should be chasing after
Simply refuse as I lied saying she's a friend so it's cool
But really I wanted to love her like non other dude
In the library chatting Eyes lock on one another as I'm simply asking
Do you like me?
Do you want me?
Am I really that guy?
She smile but still no type of reply
Maybe she doesn't like or maybe she just shy
For I look up In the sky and ask God why?
Honestly she almost made this real nigga cry
And from my older brother Dre that girls would feed you lies
But If she did I hope she fills me up with that and an fucking surprise
The truth behind the truth, and I finally realize
Send my love to her like Bluetooth
In other words words hurt cause that's the truth
The garden of Eden and Naja ate the fruit
Oh no Where else to go down this crazy ass road
Art of her body in my mind that hit my mind for sure
She Shines Just like Gold
Love to hear that beautiful voice: Then bump into my boys as he started to scream this noise


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