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Parvyn Kaur Singh - Get Mine lyrics

[Verse 1: L-FRESH The LION]
There's a fire in my chest, man I'm feeling it
It's alive and it drives me to excel at this
So I rise up but when I finally get a bit
I'm reminded that I'm still a second cla** citizen
They tell me to go home but I come from here
I can see it their eyes, they don't want me here
They tell me to play hard but the game ain't fair
Given a level playing field I'd make it rain out here
If we were running a race and you gave me a handicap
But turned around and had one of my legs detached
Then say you set it up for me the best you could
That ain't justice when I know I'm just as good

[Pre-Chorus: L-FRESH The LION]
We've been waiting but man its a long line
And when we ask its always the wrong time
They say, this is yours but what's yours is mine
But yo, I gotta get mine

[Chorus: Parvyn]
Khali hathi ethe aaiye (With empty hands we came here)
Assan sadhiyan oochiyan (Our expectations and dreams were high)
Dhin raat ik karke keeti a**i kamayee
(Day and night became one as we worked tirelessly)
Sada Haq koi maar ni sakhda
(No-one can take away our rights and success)

[Verse 2: L-FRESH The LION]
We done come from slums and villages
Where when people disappear there ain't no witnesses
We came up from the dust to manifest riches here
So excuse my smile when they try tell me what struggle is
Coz we done seen it all when we came here
Worked two jobs to feed my seeds and make a name here
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Never been a slave to the game
But to change it you need links to break the chains here
I ride overdrive to make a lane here
But I'm thankful my own kids'll be raised here
They'll build a dynasty with what I made here
But till then I'ma be stuck with the same deal

[Bridge: Parvyn]
Working all day and night
Never giving up the fight
You see me fall
Back up till I get mine

[Chorus: Parvyn]

[Verse 3: L-FRESH The LION]
So I tell it how it is, it's a pain to be in it
Tryna stay sane playing the game that they give us
They might ask what we want but they never really listen
We will never feel change til we change the system
And I tried to be part of it but lost my heart in it
Tried to get by without being targeted
When we make our own and work our backs off there's no vaseline when the man wants more (that's raw)
I rise in the game with a flame (that's raw)
My backs too strong for the cane (that's raw)
Why do I gotta explain? all we want is a chance to be treated the same (that's raw)
My people never beg on their knees (that's raw)
We will never die for the cheese (that's raw)
We would rather break the trap, I'll never fake the rap till the day that I'm gone

[Pre-Chorus: L-FRESH The LION]

[Chorus: Parvyn]

[Bridge: Parvyn]

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