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Parra For Cuva - Devi lyrics

It was written in the starry sky,
That the universe belongs to the starry eye,
Childlike is the mind that be burning bright
Still, they label us naive and they wanna fight
It's important that we stand strong
They distorting what our plans are
It's one life; don't wait until the sand's gone
Don't count us out, countdown until blast off

We shootin' into outer space
They a**ume that we'd rather stay
No they don't get it; no we ain't with it we on our way
Now is our moment, no need to wait for another day

Time's wastin', let's find a place and fly to hide away
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In the halls of this basement,
Hanging on the wall is a sign with a statement:
"Never lose sight of your dreams, stay patient"
I'm one of they - one of the strong, yeah one of the brave
And I will share with you my song 'til I'm in the grave
And I don't see anything wrong with trying to play
Who knows, it might just put a smile right on your face

There's one thing I'm forgettin' though
There's something I should let you know
If we ever had a grudge, well I'm lettin' go
You know how the story goes

I tell 'em that the past don't matter
The money - it don't matter
No, it really don't matter to me

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