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Papertwin - Alkaline lyrics

There's nothing like a smack in the head to show you my love
See it from my side of the fence, you might get it, oh-oh
'Cause waiting never did us much good
And faith gets old real quick
Every little earthquake, every time you're working late; bodies shifting slowly apart

The Black Sea, it changed me, let's wait for night
We've got blood, we've got s**, let's make some noise

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I'm in disguise right now as your oldest friend
Whisper to myself all alone in the dark
I'm in disguise right now, as cancer of the breast and bone
And then the old refrain, every little earthquake, bodies shifting slowly apart
Trust me, your machine, let's wait for night


I'm in disguise right now as your only friend
I'm in disguise right now as an animal

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