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Paper - War Zone (Prod. By Ill Majestic) lyrics

Verse: 1
Extraordinary, the flow got em asking where the kid got it, call em out like I'm Kid Cudi, keep blazing change names to young Marley, smoke n***as, coming out the chimney, Santa Claus put your ashes in a box, n***as talking wreckless, we know your b**h catch you on your spot while you both cuddling, jumped in like lil man just let him in, these guns go hype man they blow like wind, for those that talk a lot I got silencer, double barrel for the snotty nose, keep my eyes in your faces one life to live, one shot no replacement, kick my verses like a wake up call, living a dream most people won't wake up from, a nightmare done made me strong, plot twist never architect a wrong move, be careful who you telling that might be coon, I got goons I'm the young dapper Don, that means I got style to k** on whatever that we stepping on, we clapping strong a round of applause, semi automatic n***a having you parting with souls, loading clips like a stripper putting tips in her clutch bag, when you dead you can't fight back when dead you won't come back, the realist n***a rapping that boom bap that raw gangsta sh** where my goons at
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Verse : 2
You thought I was done, Mr 2 verses doing hooks ain't fun, ludacris with em timberlands when I move you run get your tennis game, I'm throwing bombs at these n***as let em catch a flame, give them name tags with my name on it, if the sun don't shine put my name out for them, homeless Winter n***as shiver, we know we the coldest, night time with white owls be back in the morning, more stress for my momma, still wanna figure what's wrong with my brother, is it because I let strangers in your life play that role, I should've told you that you've got a pot of cold

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