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Paper - After The Rain (Prod By Ill Majestic) lyrics

Why it feels like I've been here before, where n***as switch up whenever we gotta go, when I wrote it I was outside feeling the breeze, a minute later I was feeling the beat, it's ill majestic and p.stacks on em cla**ics I swear to God this sh** is timeless under studio time I never trip lace it like marathon runners then you sprint, I'm sorry I never took a short cut I'm stuck in the hood with music that cuts deeper heard It could wake a dead man 6 feet to the sleepers I pray for the priests n preachers to never lie but still fake churches gon multiply what's the price to get inside heaven's door, n***as out here selling the word of God, you been up man since you got on, fees must fall or the whole world stops, free education but they got it on lock keep fighting with the system, where there's smoke there's fire throw them bricks in it, this kinda music they don't play out on radios, you don't sound local, you should change vocals, but I still murder 90 % of locals hang ten dirty fingers strangle a beat and let it linger, turn the studio into Jerry Springer, more shots for the liver, I write songs for non believers it's unbelievable I know I need breather sometimes I feel like I need a break from rap or a break from myself but I can't I'll majestic beats keep them packed in a shelf top chef cooking you be judge breaking bread on em tables, Scarecrow Music family got me so I'm never switching labels waited for sunshine on cloudy days and I miss everyone who I started with. I pray you see your everyday life as a part of me personal files n***a welcome to the gallery and I'll probably write it like Zero did
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Get a 9 piece for 95, get a 9 piece for 95 in 95 I moved away to get a peace of mind she blow brains for a piece of mind. It's high grade let it ease my mind, it was good just a week ago, we were good just a week ago I wonder where did we go wrong they still love you like you Paperboi, they still love you like you Paperboi get em papers boi

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