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Paisley Park - Uncle Sam lyrics

I'm your nephew, yes it's true oh can't you hear me Uncle Sam
Can I sit upon your bended knee just like the other man?
Didn't I die in Vietnam and didn't I march in Birmingham?
I'm your nephew, yes it's true oh can't you hear me Uncle Sam

Didn't I sail the water against my every will?
Didn't I fetch that water when your bucket needed a refill?
Where was all the water when the fire was burning up the cross?
I'm your nephew too it's true oh hear me, Mr Boss


Didn't I get all A's in school, yes I did now Uncle Sam
My books did not have covers on 'em still I did the best I can
Now how come I can't get no job, I just don't understand
Don't you love me anymore, why can't you tell me Uncle Sam

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I've lived the life a citizen's supposed to
So why I gotta be the illegitimate nephew
Remember me, Uncle Sam? I fought your war
And went all out not knowing what I was fighting for
Sam? Why'd you let them rape my great grandmother?
Then go to the oak tree and hang her brother
When Abe was slaving there wasn't a fuss
So where was you when they was in my yard burning the cross?
Do you love me or what, Uncle Sam, what is it?
You wanna maim me, you claim the grand wizard?
Let that pa** and marched for a just cause
Then got uncivilized rights with unenforced laws
Pa**ed your curriculum got a diploma
And can't get a job 'cause my skin has colour
You say things have changed between now and then
Now, I wanna know the difference between me and him?


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