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Pain Of Salvation - Angels of Broken Things lyrics

[Verse 1]
She's a sparkless weight
Voices fading out
Thoughts are growin' dim
As my longest night begins

[Verse 2]
The dry taste of morphine
Present lights [?]
I'm stuck beneath my mind
This [?] my night

[Chorus 1]
Fallen angels, spread your wings
Take me from this world of broken things
[Lyrics from: https:/**ing-light-of-day/angels-of-broken-things.html]
Fallen angels, let your wings
Take me from this bed of thoughts and dreams
Even sleeved is full of broken things

[Verse 3]
Settling the score
I have been here before
The night was in that door
Just cursing the...

[Chorus 2]
Fallen angels, spread your wings
Fly me 'cross the seas of burning things
They'll sent me a [?] stings
Fallen angels, save me from these things
Give me black, nothing in my dream

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