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Pagan Spirit - The Causing Of Goety lyrics

In mysterious forests, in points of contact
That's where worlds dead and alive are meeting
There are places of apparitions situated
Which will start to surround you

The presence of helpful half-human Hecate
Who instigates anxiety of dog's creatures
From night World

Night is atternated whit night
By the fair constellation from Monday to Tuesday
The powers of Moon and Mars will merge to one
Ceremony of the Iron will strike and it will also
Smelt the strongest human heart
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And tones of hard-bearable Sphere
In thje fourth sequence from planets
Martical spellbounding is flying through the space
To subject of destination in the name of Aside's wrath

Words which were changed to forms
Are under law of the mighty destructive Will now

The movement is directed by sword's blade
Right to people who don't know principles of Nature

And then you are situated
In my infernal power!

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