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P - Back 2 Back- Golden State Warriors Remix lyrics

Aw Man. Aww man, aw man... I had to do it to em

I played the game without a referee, you could never check me
11-0 for cavs fans that didn't get the message
Back to back, like it's a selfie and we both was besties
Back to back like I was Connery and you was Wesley(ohhh)
Uncalled for... this is highly offensive
When they look back, they'll wonder why they didn't just respect it
But they ran they mouth with all that taaallkin'
Had to go and leave them boys no oooptions
I just wanna watch Steph Curry Make it rain
All these damn excuses is starting to numb my brain
Talkin bout... "Watch what's gonna happen Christmas Day"
You gon force the Dubs to send Lebron back to play with Wade
Oracle bruh, that's where they play ball at
"If Love and Irving would've played, well then they Bay'd fall flat"
Game 4, Cavs/Bulls, Tech...did they call Blatt?
LUCKY to make it to the finals...That's what they call FACT.(whoa)
Can't fool the bay man they know wa**up
Double team Steph, then it's good when Klay throws it up
Double team Klay, Barnes er Green'll just light it up
They just mad right now, I understand why they ain't likin' us
That's ya team... ya gotta pa** the ball to em
Watch the Warriors, learn about ball movement
ISO all game every game leaves ya team bored
That ain't what Blatt meant when he told you that you should lead more
Heat fans turn to Cavs fans
They got bodied by our 6th man
Playin' dirty doesn't worry Curry
Shout out to my cavaliers fans that be burnin' jerseys!
Hold ur breathe he's throwin' threes up
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20 point lead and ain't gon ease up
He made one and then another one...
And you couldn't do ish about the other one

Got me feelin' like they goin' Back 2 Back
Won it last year, they goin' Back to Back
Got me feelin' like they goin' Back 2 Back
Won it last year, they goin' Back to Back

I don't wanna hear about this ever again...
Not even when they start with all the talk of the best
Not even when they offer him a spot on the bench
Every game at Oracle's a sell out event!(Whoa)
You need a better season
Didn't plan to do it, gave me every reason
Seen what you'd do for fame, what would you do for rings?
Oh, we all know, you just be switchin' teams
Please... ask the bandwagon if they hear me
Please... Don't let these fake fans near me
Please... Think before you come for the great ones
Please... Who's the Finals Winner and who ain't one?
Please... Somebody stop me
I'm talkin' Andrew Bogut and Draymond Green
I'm-a quote ESPN, they say it like this...
If them Warrior boys keep playin' like this, they goin'!...

They Goin' back to Back
They goin' Back to Back
Won it last year they goin' Back to Back
Took a break from gettin' money, now I'm back to that!(ugh)

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