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P Wild - We Outside lyrics

[Verse 1: Prince Akeem]
Yeah, okay I'm in the cut with Bola, my cousin he a guerilla
My b**h try to control me, who you think you are Matilda?
I pick her up and kiss her then put her down I can dig her
And if a n***a fakin' I tell my homie to get him
I'm tatted on my belly lookin' like I'm Makaveli
I pull up to the telly with a bottle of that Remy
I mix it with that Henny, I'm dizzy fly as a frisbie
Double M-G affiliated, boy I'm gettin' geetchi
And all these women goosin' but I tell 'em hoes to cool it
I pa** 'em to Lil' Justin he do 'em and then he lose 'em
He pa** 'em off to Mookie, then drop 'em off to Marcus
Shout out my brother Léo I see you homie, I got ya
I'm in the whip with Herman I'm swervin' in the Suburban
I'm drunk off of that burr, and I'm slurrin' don't know my words and
n***a youza batch, you not f**in' flat
Prince Akeem and Slutty Boyz, show 'em where we at (BOW!)

Prince Akeem, I'mma keep it funky
Spanish man around the corner sippin' on corona
Shout out to them Slutty Boyz all my n***as on it
Youngest runnin' the city, yeah all my n***as is hungry
Let 'em know we outside x8
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[Verse 2: P. Wild]
I'm rollin'
Eyes low, it's the hydro
Mean muh'f**a plus I roll with the Slutty Boyz
Hangin' with DMG, Nando and Prince Akeem
40's with red beams, potatoes and RPG's
Bluffin' a** n***a burn you up to the 3rd degree
Smoke you like Cali weed, can't f** with the lemon squeeze
Hit 'em with 2-2-3's, leak his a** Carter 3
Slutty Boy sh** all these b**hes must follow me
Trick 'em like Halloween
I'm ballin' shoot from the three
Don't play, cause I play for keeps
Them pussies they scared of me
I'm rollin' with Yung Gleesh
Came up on a couple g's
Outside, f** the VIP
I stay with the Glock on me
Protectin' my property cuz I heard they out watchin' me
Smokin' on broccoli see my posites hypnotiq b
I see why they jockin' me, 50 rounds in the tommy piece
Hit 'em with some shells, cook his a** like some taco meat (WILD!)


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