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P Wild - Feel No Pain lyrics

Streets on fire
Streets goin' crazy
All real n***as
First name base
All real b**hes
White c**aine
k** all witnesses
Feel no pain

Trel's verse:
25 to life, I hope I'll never see it
Seen the k**er lose his life, I hope I'll never be him
b**hes on my line, I hope they let us jam
Cause if they ain't tryna f**, we ain't tryna see 'em
Ballin' once again, droppin' out the car see him
You know my swag's copper dean, and you don't know how it feels to be him
I don't really see 'em, I just see 'em in my DM
All it took is one call, from the morning to the pim
Streets goin' crazy, the beef is goin' maj'
These hoes ain't loyal, and the n***as been snakes
It's just me and gang, just us and Ben Franklin
And the label still callin', and the b**hes still waitin'

Yowda's verse:
My shawty was no good for me
Had to leave her in the past, now she history
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I'm countin' up this cash, this sh** ain't new to me
My n***as with the sh**s, we with the foolery
Shooters on shooters, who I roll with
Most of this n***as on hoe sh**
I'm on my sh** I be focused
Might f** your b**h in a Focus
Free all my people like Moses
This Glock it don't come with no holster
I pull up and hop out the roaster
I'm taking whatever like vultures
Back when I was in the A I got my gang with me
Just steppin' and steppin', walkin' on all this j**elry
All this sh** you talkin' don't mean sh** to me
Put your hands up on me, got this Glock on me

P Wild's verse:
Just got a package, anything was pure
Last week the streets was sick, this week they got the cure
24 it's forgiatos, on a foreign whip
I came in by myself, but I slid off with your b**h
My money is up because of the hate, drop to the 4 then I run back an 8
I stay motivated because of the hate, you n***as want beef I'm servin' them steaks
Pop me a zan, I done pop me a perc
I done scratched my whip twice, dosin' off the syrup
I can't find my phone, I'm searching for my wallet
I'm lookin' for my keys, but my pistol in my pocket
She say she f**ed me twice, but I don't remember once
She say she wanna see me cum, I told her bring money and trunks

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