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P Wild - Cash lyrics

[Verse 1: P Wild]
Okay, I started out flexin', ended up finessin'
28 rims with the grams, diamonds bustin'
All I know is work, watch me twerk with the work
Watch me drop a couple blocks
Wash your block with the gloc
Got some b**hes on my block, thats gon' set your a** up
Got some shooters on my roster, bet they'll wet your a** up
These b**hes call me thirsty, I got liquor in my cup
These n***as think they trapping, but they barley making bucks
I'm a Sluttyboy baby, all you n***as know whats up
All that talking out your mouth is gon get you tossed up in the trunk
I'm with lightshow, Wild, and Chief Keef. GBE, and SB
My real live n***as from the South Side, back to North East

[Hook: Lightshow]
I like my b**hes with an a** on them
She want a n***a with some cash on him
But I ain't spending cash on her
Unless I'm in the strip club throwing cash on her
We play with choppas, don't get chopped up
s**a' n***as can't eat, get that gwaup up
Keep your box, get that top up
I'm a flex till I'm dead, I ain't locked up

[Verse 2: Dew baby]
Adidas in Atlanta I'm in L.A. kissin' Ella
Diamonds in my pinky and my chain sit on my belly
The sh** my shooters shootin' leave you shakin' like a dancer
And if you n***as want some smoke, you're not gon' get the cancer
Run em down, gun sound, yellow tape, no escape
I break the whole thing down and bag the sh** that's on the plate
Money chase the b**hes, b**hes got to chase the money
I pulled up in the Chrysler just to keep that sh** 3 hunna (BEEP)
Icy like the winter but I'm shinning like the summer
And we don't go nowhere without the sticks we like some drummers
Crack just like a plumber, shootin' pistols like they're jumpers
I don't know what n***as doing, but I know we doing numbers

[Verse 3: Meatchi]
All right, I like my b**hes with an a** on em
Who like your b**hes to f** and you spend them bands on her
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This n***as tripping and flipping like they some damn quarters
Fifty a** n***as drown, they can hold they water
Go get that top pried, 30 make their heart stop
With no love, lost my heart, cold like my damn watch
These n***as faggies I hate em, get out my damn car
I got a b**h who s** my dick and then she want to rock
These b**hes love me and love me, I see why n***as haten'
And Toby told me k** it, keep them patiently waiting
Cause he'll be home soon, b**h its coming real soon
And everybody screaming “BEEF,” wondering what we doin' to him


[Verse 4: Lightshow]
Yeah you babber with the headlight
She ask if that's the sh** I like, b**h you damn right!
I'm that n***a, I'm that n***a, had to say it twice
Middle finger to them blue, white, and them red lights
They say I came up, they say my name poppin'
Now n***as sneak dissin', but they name droppin'
They say that Sluttyboyz game poppin'
And GBE real life, losing ain't an option
We winning b**h, we f**ing up
We bout that check so she gon' f** with us
I ain't with that s**a' stuff
I go get that bag just to f** it up

[Verse 5: Chief Keef]
Ayy, hoes like a n***a with some racks on him
If I was to go broke I'd pull my mask on em
Take him down for his kilos and his marijuana
s**a' n***as can't eat, we gon' smash on him
b**h I only like the a** on ya
She gave me top, she let me splash on her
She know I ain't spending cash on her
But I be counting a lot of bands on her
Hop up in my foreign, do the dash on her
Heat up in my reach, Imma spaz on em
All my n***as savages, don't make em blast on you
And they gon' leave some toe tags on you (HAWH?)


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