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P Wild - Adlib lyrics

[Hook: P.Wild]
I f** A b**h Made Her Scream My Adlib (OhhMyy)
I Told Her Keep It Down She Waking Up The Kids (Swagger Got Damn It)
Big Bank Rolls All We Do Is Spend (Beep)
These n***as Talking Dumb But All We Do Is Spend (Winnin) (2x)

[Verse 1: P.Wild]
Big Bank Rolls All I Do Is Spend
Me And Oochie Got The Groupie On Our Dick,Because We The sh**
Smoking Loud Up In The Crowd,Man This sh** Don't Make No Sense
I Been Ballin Every Since,I Was Trappin Out The Pen
Sellin Coke And Smoking Dope,n***as Lunching Off Boat
Beat That 40 Rock Your Boat
I Get Money What You Know
I Stay Fresh From Head To Toe, Gucci,Louie,What You Know
Me And Boosa Had The Work And We Had It For The Low
Rocking Helly In The Winter,Rocking Snapbacks In The Summer
Stuntin Since A Youngin,With Hundreds, Fifths, Twenty's
30 Round Clips 100 Goons They Drumming
Slutty Boyz sh** You Buck, My n***as Bussin
Word Around Town We Winnin They Hear Buzzin
Buzzin Through These Streets, With All These n***as Frontin
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n***a Hate On Me Bet That 40 Cal. Slum Him
On Strip With No Permission,Reppin Northeast Not To Mention (Wild)


[Verse 2: Oochie]
Swag,Louie That,Gucci This
Louie V Sign Make Her s** My Louie Dick
Slutty Boyz sh** My Dick Only For Foreign Hoes
Im Rockin Foreign Clothes
Pull Up In The Drop Top Auto Wah
Smoking LaLaLaLa,Im In Panama
Her Head Dum Dum Da Da Da
Tatted Like Biker, Ride Me Like A Yamaha
I Wake Up In The Morning, Im Yawning (Hmmmm)
If That b**h Ain't Foreign,She Boring
Im Leanin,Double Cup Im Pourin
Im In The Club They Like It's Raining Its Pourin
This Old Man Snoring,He Sleeping He Loafing
Im Rollin With The Losa And He Totin
Line There Asses Up Like There Vaulting


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