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P Walsh - Victimized lyrics

[P Walsh]: Oh alright
[Shoop]: Alright man, just say something
[P Walsh]: Yeah, I f** with this one. Alright look

[Hook: Nas] (x2)
And the Nikes on my feet keep my cypher complete
Nike Nike Nike Nike Nike Nike Nike Nike Nikes
And the Nikes on my feet keep my cypher complete
Nike Nike Nike Nike Nike Nike nike nike nikes

[Verse 1: P Walsh]
I'm a victim to the system
I'm just feeling restricted
I don't want to pay tuition
If I have to make a college visit
I'll probably wish I didn't
Because the public institution got my head disputing what I want to do with it
I don't want to sit in an office
None of that nonsense
Rather hear bomb threats
Steer to oncoming traffic
I want to turn speakers to static
My tracks will be erratic
Rap and rep Boston, that's Esoteric
The a** has me distracted
I don't want to be a fraction
A statistic, a name on a staff list
It's Patrick the pacifist from Dallas, Texas
f** ethnics, I have the best ethics
Critics never got nothing nice to say
Critics never ask me how's my day
Two sh**s I don't give about their essay
Even when you hate you put me on display
Disarray, what you feel when you press play on my mixtape
Makes you spray tears down your face
Makes your mind race at an earthquakes pace
I'm so real there's no fake
This isn't even a debate
Nah, this isn't even a debate


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[Verse 2: P Walsh]
I spit the flows like hot coals
Hotter than black Nike soles
Rubbing on the sidewalk
Running from white cops
Causing extortion
Abort the abortion
Treating future orphans like a portion of a person
That's murderous torture
That baby could've made a fortune
Postmortem you're feeling horrid
You're probably feeling morbid
Would could've adored her, but no you ignored her
And now they're with the Lord and
You hold pain with no end
Human life you can't expend
And expect to see progress
We can have no less
Or else, we'll be hopeless
Oh yes

[Verse 3: P Walsh]
Society has a policy
It's hypocrisy
It's a mockery
Ya mocking me?
Imma knock your teeth
With my soccer feet
I rock the beat
I'm Socrates
Of this century
It's God who sent me here to drive a Bentley
Eventually, I mess you up mentally
I'm at the scholar gentry
These sk**s were not lent to me
I'm meant to be
It's destiny
The best since Elvis Presley
This one is done, I'm exiting

[P Walsh]: I mean, that wasn't that bad right?
[Shoop]: I mean, it was alright man, but I wasn't that good

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