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P Walsh - This Is The End lyrics

[Verse 1: P Walsh]
Yo, uh, Walsh
More dangerous than a quasar
Flow is like a laser
You're weirder than gays are
Y'all know I'm bizarre
I'm a young rap star
Gangstarr on your radar
With Jedi Mind Tricks
Consider me a violinist on your wrist
Call me a sick orchestrist
Kids smoke on the clematis
And say it helps creativeness
Good excuse to hit the spliff
I'm just like Asher Roth
With the way I talk
Write my lyrics on the block
With some sidewalk chalk
So walkers know who rocks
Modern day Robin Hood is Robbing hoods
Getting hooded by a cop
Even though the cop is crooked
Irony is getting cooked
Cause it's the who cop should be getting booked
But it's okay because how his uni looks
You better hope his homies get their Uzis took
You're so offensive people get defensive
Like I said I am relentless
Make you end up in intensive
Life is all about perspective
Stay respective to other people's electives
You gotta live and let live
Bout to get schooled kid, I'm the rap Druid
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Leaving every school kid drooling
With my cool rhyme tool kit
Young minds run entertainment
While old minds run restrainment
Gotta find who's slanging
Stop the banging with the stainless
Losing the casings in rapists
Eating other emcees like Danish
Wanna girl speaking Spanish
It's such a s**y language
I'll get one the day I'm famous
See I'm not a racist
Going Though Changes like Shad' is
Fade kids when I bang this
Never been faded never blazing
Music is what keeps my heart racing
So I don't need acceleration
I am Patrick
f** these other rap kids
They don't know I have fat tricks
Up my sleeve like its magic

[P Walsh]: Damn, is that it?
[Shoop]: Yeah man. I think so. Did you cover everything?
[P]: I mean, I'm pretty sure
[S]: Alright then
[P]: Well, that's it. I mean, I guess I did it
[S]: Yeah, unless you can think of anything else
[P]: No, I'm pretty sure that's it. I mean, while I'm at it I might as well thank the people that made all this possible. You know. I mean. Shout out to The Parrott. Shout out Klepto Habits. Shout out to AK. Shout out to the homie Quinn Shoop. Shout out to Buddha Stoops. That's it. This Is The End
[P]: Alright man, you doing anything tomorrow?
[S]: Nah
[P]: Alright. I'll hit you up
[S]: Alright. Later man
[P]: Later

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