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P Walsh - sh**uation lyrics

[Verse 1: Junebug]
I hope that when you think of me
You get a feeling, sickening
That you'll be asking for a**istance with nobody listening
You'll be asking for air
But I won't hesitate to care
Just going to go ahead a let you go right there
I'm going insane, about to blow up my brains
But I'll let you pull the trigger since you caused all this pain
Try not to get a stain on that cold heart of yours
Personality faker than a knockoff Louis-V purse
f** what you did to me
Treated you so perfect all of a sudden I'm the enemy
Telling me you're missing me
Someone brings up Hennessy, you start acting differently
What a joke, you f**ing sicken me
It's about to be a sideshow, I'm about to call Bob
Imma tell him, bring his ax, cut your head clean off
Put your body in a bag with no visit to the morgue
Sirens in my line of vision, dip off in the Jaguar
Tired of hearing your nonsense, put you up in a coffin
Don't feel no remorse, ain't nothing up on my conscience
Silence of your heartbeat honestly got me dancing
Sounding like a maniac, I'm the new Charles Manson
I'll find a rope to hang you off a Richard Branson mansion
Patrick, let me explain this sh** that just happened
She was a drug and had me tripping just like acid
But I don't feel no love, this was a crime of pa**ion

[Verse 2: P Walsh]
You've gotta be f**ing kidding me
[Lyrics from: https:/**uation.html]
Look what you f**ing did to me
I bet he didn't make you some dinner, didn't he?
Nah, a f**ing piece of sh** is he
Listen to me, all I can hear are the
Lies you spit to me while you were kissing me
Hit ya knees
Just in case you don't get it listen to Pat please
This just in, I was in love with you madly
You don't want to meet the mad me
Exactly, catch me brashly
Bashing that fag he ain't half me
I'm wanna get your head and pry your eyes whole
Rip your brain out of your eye holes
Flip it upside down like I changed the dipoles
Maybe my rhymes will make your mind blow, hoe

[Verse 3: P Walsh]
I hope your coldish heart gets boned apart like Bonaparte
Thrown overboard to a roaming shark off Noah's ark
Caught and go up in a load of sparks like Joan of Arc
I know I'm going over top but I won't stop
I thought I had someone I could confide in
But I didn't, you f**ing lied b**h
I don't think I'm meant for dining
But you can bet you'll be wining
I know you're thinking of me when your words getting slurred
I swear you will never f**ing learn
To all the girls in the burbs that curved
Your teeth can meet the motherf**ing curb
Your next blood displacement won't be menstruation
This situation is a sh**uation
f** you and your aspirations
I f**ing hate you, you're Satan, I ain't playing

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