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P Walsh - Romance lyrics

[Intro: Ak]
Anyway it goes, I just want to know where you're at
Are we taking it further or are you turning your back?
Are we taking an L or are we getting a win?
Are we moving it on or are we getting it in?
Tell me, am I alone? I just want to know
I know the love is in your soul, but whats in your phone?
I may be asking all of these questions because you're all alone
At least you say you are, but you won't say my name at all
What the f**?

[Verse 1: Shoop]
Romance put me in a trance so I advance to k** a tourist
Put the canvas covered carca** in the Taurus
Dump the body in the forest, now I'm more pissed
Cover it up with flowers, now I'm known as the florist
Hearing people complain
While she's snorting c**ain
Spitting lyrics, profane
Sipping it like propane
Chasing it with butane
This beat? Just slain
Still refrain from f**ing with Mary Jane
Cause my real b**h, uh, is Lois Lane
On a plain plane, my mind is still sane
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But really I lost it, I was cautious
Enter in mosh pits, I'm burnt out, call it Auschwitz
This girl I got the hots with, she's smoking pot with
This dude to keep him amused, she's sending him nudes
It's sad, she's being used, I'll it abuse
A misuse of body and mind, still counting the time
Cause this dime isn't just f**ing her life, she's f**ing mine

[Verse 2: P Walsh]
I detected a section of your erections infection
Because you're interested in post adolescent s** and
Check my facial expression to tell that I'm not messin
When I say I am not pretending I want a females affection
Not her infection like the one after presidential election
But her intense love, all I get is vaginal rejection
Tried to make a first impression, learned my lesson
When I'm addressing her presence it is depressing
She makes me wanna stab her in her dress like fencing
And spread her blood on some lettuce like its salad dressing
My arm will be extending when I start the murder I'll be mending
The detectives will try to defend you but I'll be blending in
I have very independent opinions so I have to keep defending
I don't have bad intentions, I want to leave everyone breathless
I don't care about a Lexus, arrogance is for the s**ists
Check the bestest white rapper from the town Keller, Texas

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