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P Walsh - Mattress lyrics

[Intro: P Walsh]
Uh, yeah, Walsh
You know man
I'm just sitting here thinking about all this sh** I've been though
But I'm about to say f** that
Because life is going to throw sh** at you
And sometimes you just gotta get over it
You just gotta get up
So that's what I'm about to do
Look, uh

[Verse 1: P Walsh]
Sitting with my a** in the mattress
Thinking about the last b**h I a** kissed
f** that sh**, for me she's too attractive
Patrick, you're whack and your slacking
It's madness just masking this malice
You're trapped in, face the facts kid
She wants it from that faggot
Who gets arrested for possessing acid
You're trashing your rations trying to pa** this pa**ion
You feel like you might perish
Because she's blocking you like Robert Parish
Your care is too strong, you're already thinking marriage
Maybe push a baby in a carriage
It's like you wrecked and you don't know where the spare is
But when the snare hits and you push the air out of your larynx
That's the one thing you can cherish
So f** the despair sh** and get up
Be like Chancy and get those Bills up
Spit the real stuff and the tricks will come
Pick your own battles because you're still tough
Don't get rattled through the razzle dazzle
Your dreams will get shattered
Listen to the pitter patter, climb the latter
Make it to the top so you can laugh at her
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Raps fatter than Action with a dinner platter
That b**h doesn't matter
One day, when you rock an entire AA Center
Guess who's never ever gonna be thinking about entering
Better be betting the best blessing is about to be blemishing
Any pessimist that's questioning his messaging
Because his sk** set is excellent
Elegant, benevolent, the accelerant
Expelling sh** that is irrelevant
Like the kid I used to resist that's selling hits
All these rappers talk about dead presidents
Half of them don't know that's Rakim's testament
If hip hop had a test they'd be retesting it
Because they ain't respecting it
They think it's okay to make a mess of it
But make the best of it with your friends, it's lit
Forget the hoes, focus on the homies
And you know who those be?
Quinn, Kev, and Den, hold your bros closely
Not to mention Ed, Sky, J Mac, Lorenzo and... Oh! T
Why? Because those bros never exposed me
Those bros never disposed me
They showed me there was hope to see

[Outro: P Walsh]
So that's it man
Your friends and your family are always going to be there for you
Don't worry about what someone said about you
Don't worry about getting rejected
None of that sh** matters
Your friends are gonna always be there for you
You'll always have your family there for you
Just don't lose yourself
Just focus on the future, don't worry about anything else
That's all you gotta do
And that's what I'm about to do

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