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P Walsh - Just Try (Intro) lyrics


[P Walsh]: Going to The Burg
[TY]: I love The Burg
[P]: The Burg s**s, but its like the only thing to do
[Shoop]: What the hell is "The Burg"?
[T]: Whataburg'
[Shoop]: Oh!
[T]: I've never heard that. I'm kind of mad we called it that
[S]: The Burg?
[P]: The Burg? People call it that dude
[S]: Kinda like Pittsburg?
[P]: No... Shut up
[T]: Are we trying to freestyle? ...Should we try to freestyle?
[P]: Nah
[S]: C'mon dude. Just do it. It's not that hard...
[T]: Have you ever tried to freestyle?
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[P]: I can't rap, dude
[S]: C'mon dude. Just try it. It can't be that hard. It's not
[Ed]: You've got nothing to lose man
[P]: Can you do it?
[S]: I can... Yeah, I can do it. What about... Just try it, just try it
[P]: Nah haha dude
[T]: Quinn [Shoop] has done it we want to see you do it
[S]: Yeah bro, c'mon
[P]: I've never even tried before
[S]: It doesn't matter... Just...
[P]: How can I do it if I've never done it?
[T]: You just don't think about it
[S]: You don't think about it. You just get on the beat
[T]: Here, let me put on a beat
[E]: Uh, yeah...
[P]: I'm white dude, I can't freestyle
[S]: Bro, you got this. It's not that hard. Trust me, we've all done it. We've all tried
[P]: Alright, alright. Put on a beat

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