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P Walsh - Jealousy lyrics

[Verse 1: P Walsh]
Kids are popping mollies and thinking they're getting mollified
When they're dropping hobbies and making they damn momma cry
The broad that I like
She already gotta hotter guy and they sodomized
So now every time I see them combine
A fire slowly grows inside my pride
It's like I wanna start a fight with this f**ing guy
But I realize its not worth it
He'll be a hurt b**h in the nurse's office
And I'll be a bloody knuckled kid with a criminal offense on my record list
Internal conflict is tearing me apart
I wanna express my thoughts and talk
But I know it'll just end up breaking things off
(Oh my god)
Too many times its happened so I'll just keep up the silence
Being fastidious leads to mad b**hes and lonely shut eyelessness
Like they aren't the picky ones
So many times I thought about just sticking to rum
Letting that stuff run through my tunnels and smoke in my lungs
Maybe d** will muffle the pain in my stomach every time I see them

Hey man, take a hit of this. It'll make you feel more relaxed, make you forget about sh**
Could just make you feel good for a little while. You know? Kick back

[Verse 2: P Walsh]
Jealousy. Jealousy. It's all rooted in jealousy
Cause she went for him and I wish she fell for me
Her personality is my primary
Which is quite unlikely, unlike me
So jealous I can even admit it
And you know men don't usually do that sh**
I guess I took another wrong turn again
Cause this is the first time I had to phone a friend
Cause when she said "best friend" in that text message
I felt like it was all coming to an end
Sitting up until three in the morning when I should be snoring
But when I do fall asleep
I can't escape the dreams of her and me as a team
No matter what I do
Can't her out of my head like she's a mental disease
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Guess I'll start popping xanies for my anxieties and for depression, Pristiq
Thinking about when I see them I'm going to be scorching
I haven't felt this helpless since I was about four ten
Everyday is just another motherf**ing misfortune
Walking out the front door when I see her holding her boyfriend

[P Walsh]: Alright man, yeah, I'll hit you up with that homework later or whatever
[Shoop]: Alright. Later man
[P]: Awh. Look. Is that them?
[S]: Yeah...
[P]: Oh, what are they about to... Oh no...

[Verse 3: P Walsh]
Oh sh**, she just kissed him goodbye
And now I'm losing my mind
Slicing that vile smile off this child's disguise will be a delight
I go wild and grab the knife
And run right for this guy's right eye
Capsize his entire body and stab and bite
Maybe one, two, three, four, five times
I don't know I can't even count this high
Sirens in the back of my mind
As I continue to deprive the guy of life
Finally I look up and see her face
She's all shook up
And what I've done is corrupt
And tears in her eyes are soaking up
I say, "baby I'm sorry, I just saw the fork and I had to my fist shut"
"Tell you what, when this is done
We'll forget about all of this
And it'll just be all about us"
She loses her blush
And with an expression of disgust
Points where I abut
Turn around and see the pork chop truck
With the cop pointed at my nuts
Life is a bluff and I don't want the cuff
So I run toward his gun
An explosion of dust, bullets are stuck
Eyes are shut, then I wake up
And I gotta catch the bus

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