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P Walsh - Is It Worth It? lyrics

[Verse 1: P Walsh]
Obama's bombing Syria because Syrians are k**ing Syrians
Mr. President, you serious? I mean are you delirious?
This is why our debt is in trillions and hated by the billions
It's not just about our millions, but the future human millenniums
But all we have is trigger thumps and ticking nuclear drums
Bound to blow up when Korea opens up their tomb of King Tut
America is nuts if they aren't shook up by China and the Rush
But I don't get it cause us and Russia are so similar
Putin is pooping on dudes who like poop on their pubes and nuts
While the U.S. praises sluts and refuses gays the right to wed up
Fed up with all this fraud and such, wish JFK could've saved us
But it's a shame cause Reagan is the best we have framed up
USA's fame is based off grenades and aimed guns that maim funds
So, wondering why the cunts overseas hate our country?
Bluntly, we are some punks that think we should be police
Even when our enemies are offing each other with gun beams
Funny how we think we're so neat
Best country? Please, not even top 3

And fear could well engulf the great and the small, the rich and the poor, the committed and the uncommitted alike. Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind. So let us here resolve

[P Walsh]
Is it worth it?
Is it really worth k**ing all these people because of greed and power?

[Verse 2: P Walsh]
We might have won the war, withdrew the troops
But the ones that really lose are in mental institutes
Turmoil over oil turns to toil and disputes
So we pay a dude to go overseas and he shoots
Loosening his head seeing blood ooze in oodles
Moving through the desert with his bad noodles
Earns a few shiny new pins to go on his suits
And comes home to constant hoots, hollers, and salutes
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Doesn't realize the war and his mind were in cahoots
Chewing through his head's roots while in Beirut
Honored on the news but goes to get a job and is refused
Because his noggin got knocked by these booms
From the eighty rockets his ears and eyes consumed
Went to a pharmacy and now his system is drug fueled
I wonder if it's worth living in a psychiatric ward
In exchange for praise for fighting in a patriotic war
In patriotic war

[Verse 3: Ak]
They're all crazy like Carlin's prime back in '05
In this day and age it's implied to keep a healthy mind
But in instances where you infer such abnormal lies
It's to keep the kind of heart when contemplating what's inside
It's obscene to come clean once your past do them dirty
Wash the sins of your hands, but reverse the block for the memory
If these lines don't k** me, then they'll do lines and fill me
Feel me, never. Cause I don't feed the fairytales of false endeavors
I don't trust you at all, guess I made a deal with the devil
But you I'm jumping off cause the afterlife must be better
They say you won't make it 'til you sell your soul
Well, where the black market at?
But tell me please exactly how much is your soul worth?
When you're always feeling soulless
Childish questions for an adolescent mind
Alice never taught us lessons, so these chains won't teach mine
These days get dimmer, these nights get darker
The bite gets bigger, the bark gets softer
The bang gets louder, your breath gets thinner
Win, lose, or draw sh** n***a we all sinners
Is it worth it?

[Shoop]: Hey... Hey what's up?
[P Walsh]: Nothing, I'm just thinking about something...

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