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P Walsh - I Wish I Had One lyrics

This song goes out to my grandfather and anyone else out there who lost there's... RIP

[Verse 1: P Walsh]
2010, middle Novem' what happened?
Hopped in mom's Cadillac after practice
Tragic, mom's dad had pa**ed, it
Had her flattened by this fact, it
Was Cancer, all up in his blood
There I stood, would've cried if I could
But a flood didn't rush out like it should
I knew things weren't looking good
For Joe cause you're out of luck when you're stuck with marrow that's got Leukemia
Mind wasn't narrow I knew he was f**ed
Even with Chemotherapy you're done
From the jump, sister's sobbing, mom is shocked and
There I was feeling nothing
Felt like I was just going to console the souls of my cousins
Soulless, back then I wasn't good with solace
A light departed, and a month early came the winter solstice

[Hook: P Walsh]
I wish I had one man I wish I had one (x2)
Everyone's got a granddad man
I just wish I f**ing had one
Damn, I wish I had one

[Wide Awake Sample]
Boy: Are you scare?
Grandfather: No!
B: Not even a little scared?!
G: Nuh, uh
B: Why not?
G: Cause I know God will take care of me when I get to him

[Verse 2: P Walsh]
Flew to the ill city of Philly
Dude, the wake didn't even drill me
Walked in, out of the winter wind so chilly, nippy
k**ed, he laid in the casket stilly
Felt silly, my thoughts all willy nilly
Everybody was crying, even Chippy
Emily couldn't go near the body
Pissed off at these complete strangers' sorries
So I just started constantly nodding nonchalantly
My actions were probably naughty
But I was worried, still feeling nothing
Wrongly, that night, I rested softly
While everybody else was sobbing awfully soppy, but not me
I caught the cotton cot, the next day ought to be long and soggy
My top was walking not running or even jogging
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All I thought of was the basketball I was missing
What the f** was wrong with me?


[Wide Awake Sample]
Boy: How do you know?
Grandfather: A man knows
B: What if you get there and you find out there is no God?! Who's going to take care of you?
G: Don't talk nonsense...

[Verse 3: P Walsh]
The next day the set changed
Distress came, walked up the steps aimed
At the church doors, gathering at the first floor
Far more than forty four conversing in the foyer
Forced forward in the corridor toward a pew in the forth row
With a surge of emo, the ceremony was a go
Had to go up and read an unauthentic message
Presented at every d**h, I just recited each sentence
An American flag was placed on his coffin
This is when it started, I lost it
When I retreated to my seating
The choir started singing 'On Eagles Wings'
As we were leaving, Dede was leading
Me, the tears were streaming
I couldn't believe He would make him leave me
We went speeding to the last step, the cemetery
To cement the funeral, my show of emotion was no longer futile
If God would've ask me I would've given a refusal
We stood around his hole, the gloom was mutual
A volley shoot saluted and mix with the musical
I placed a bloom on his tomb, my goodbye was hysterical
As he was lowered down to his home below
All I could think was, "Oh no, Papa Joe, why do you have to go?"
So, that was the last time I saw him
I wish I could've gained some knowledge but I lost him
Before I was old enough to want some
In the end it was the toxins that got him
That's why I advocate science in society and aggregate sobriety
There's no denying he could've guided me
But now I can only point my eyes to the sky to see
If he really spies on me


[Shoop]: Hey, didn't you say something about a girl or you have a girl in mind or something?
[P Walsh]: Nah, nah
[S]: You sure?

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