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P Walsh - Fubars lyrics

[Verse 1: P Walsh]
Cyanide gas is released
You sensibly cry for peace
From the beast that treats
You like cheap pigs meat
We elite making ya retreat
I am irresistibly sweet
On the beat make chicks cheat
On you with me
I make a mic a mystery
Missing men with masterkey
Blasting fastly mastery
This is easily blasphemy
Take away ladies' chastity
Stomp on a face, Happy Feet
Raps colder than Mr. Freeze Nakey in a long winters breeze
I can ease the pain of Nazis
Faggots, hate those fairies
P Dubs turn scrubs to crud
Push a musty bruh face in mud
When he hit you hear a thud
My flow create a flood of blood
Shot off a big bomb gun
But it didn't blow up, a dud
This terror can't be undone
I make a run for your lungs
In the hot Afghanistan sun
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You find it scary, I find it fun
Listen to this battle hymn I've sung
I'll have ya blowing up chunks
Jugular injected d**
Put you in a grave I dug
Don't worry cause you'll be nice and snug, uh

[Verse 2: The Known Unknown]
Grab a seat, I'll explain deceit
Casualties increased
Sons, wives, even niece
War beyond the middle east
First graders holding piece
Can I speak my sh** please?
d**h by the pig police
All I really want is peace
Feds coming after me
k**ed Pac and B.I.G
Another brother RIP
This sh** is happening casually
White or black, he's gambling
Innocent soul that he's damaged on some rampant sh**
Signed a lie and put a f**ing stamp on it

[Saving Private Ryan Sample]
Y'all got that right

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