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P Walsh - Free At Last lyrics

Wow, Kevin and Matt came through on this one
I'm going to have to do something
Yo, I think I got a verse for this hold on
(Sound of pages flipping)
Yeah, this will work
Alright, look

[Verse 1: P Walsh]
Sometimes I feel invisible
Like zero indivisible
I wanna be invincible
My rhymes'll blind your visual
My music is your ritual
Defiance is my mission still
Relying on religion still
A little controversial
Majestic is an anagram
Strip it like a mammogram
I'm going HAM
I am the lamb
Changing kids like Notre, Damn
The industry's helping hand
Keep that THC out my glands
(f** that sh** honestly man)
Those tablets are your Claritin
Allergic to your hair and skin
One day I will be ambient
And do not take that Ambien
Or you will need an ambulance
Think of your fam and friends
And how they'll know what damage is
Dangerous that hash and sniff
Living on that tragic mix
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Sniffing off that plastic disk
Licking on that acid sh**
Critics get off Patrick's dick
Rap sh** is my magic trick
Extremists think we can't coexist
They need to read from Exodus
b**h, you ain't Copernicus
Simply, you're just hurting this
Burn you like a furnace
Word to Wiz
You're gonna need a tourniquet
We need some change it's urgent, this
Generation should be nervous
Ignorance isn't bliss it's a d**h sentence

[MLK Speech]
"From every mountainside
Let freedom ring and when this happens
When we allow freedom ring
When we let it ring from every village and every hamlet
From every state and every city
We will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children
Black men and white men
Jews and Gentiles
Protestants and Catholics
Will be able to join hands and sing in the words...
Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty we are free at last"

[Shoop]: Yo... Hey!
[P Walsh]: What, what?
[S]: What's up?
[P]: Ah, nothing. I just got a bad feeling
[S]: What...?
[P]: Like something bad is going to happen

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