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P Walsh - Everyday Is War lyrics

[Intro: Scooba Steez]
Turn my headphones up
Everyday Is War n***a
Yuh, yuh
Everyday is war when you're chilling with Scooba Steez, Trippy T and P Walsh
I'm on my grimy sh** n***a
Because I'm a 90's kid n***a
Ah, Ah

[Verse 1: Scooba Steez]
Weirdest weirdo, but he's always been real though
Scooba Steez will snatch that mic and watch him spill dope
Like spilt coke, for real though
You n***as think its simple
I'm back up in the lab writing sh** without a pencil
Everyday Is War, whip out the pistol
Crystalized, you can't meths with him
He's the best within, best with pens, no pens
I type them in, plus I'm high than the Eiffel is
Thou shall not fight the man
I just might unleash the beast within
Lethal piece in hand, bleeping men
Bleep bleep bleep, you can't speak again
n***as wreaking, they're Puerto Rican pussies
With Hulk arms you n***as still couldn't push me
I don't beat around the bush, I beat the f** out the tooshie
Or I be around the bush with the Uzi
Shooting you n***as, that's just the clip, not the movie

[Verse 2: Trip]
Walsh hit me up and said, "Hey, get on my tape"
To wash off the brains of all the fakes costing all the stakes
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These bars are awesome flames
That we spray in your face like come lyrical mace
Got you lost like you're in a lyrical maze
Verses way above what y'all's thoughts could take
Like sh** talkers thought with the dong that hang right below my waist
Y'all a waste
Everyday is war in this motherf**ing game
Why I got a .44 in the pocket of my jeans
Not a Glock, but the source of writing all my schemes
Go ahead and take this away

[Verse 3: P Walsh]
Home invasion, chrome displaying, folks are raging
Phone's a rang-ing, Po Po ranging, Oh no break it
The back window, dipping out with the chips where the wind blows
It's cold, ice cold like this nice flow
Hop in the whip for the getaway though
The renegades go with grenades and keep their barrettes low
Think their smart like Plato, but they really play with Play-Doh
Raping because they can't take no
For an answer like a dedicated cancer patient
Think they ain't restrained by latent print placement
f** life in prison that's some f**ing gay sh**
When the ba** hits I take it and ride it like a spaceship
Won't be sitting in my sisters kitchen eating chicken cutlets
I'm gonna make it and whip a Cutla**
Kids acting tough, but they're really cut-less
Like I said in front this, Imma always stay cuff-less
Clean like Listorine, Mr. Clean, Christian dreams
The politician, making people disagree
When I'm finished ending my enemies they're going to make me an effigy
The best is next to P, it's Trippy T and Scooba Steez

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