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P Walsh - Dirty Vans lyrics

[Verse 1: P Walsh]
It's Patrick and the acid popper
Copper dodger from Watauga
Estes' bars are hotter
Than an Estee Lauder model
Sparking chronic, popping bottles
Isn't Walsh's motto
But opposites attract so Roger that
Our clogging noggins stacked

[Verse 2: Trippy Tyler]
Flawless noggins stacked
Like some Russian dolls in fact
Quick to rush and cop a sack
Then stuff in dutches falling back
Quit the fussing, y'all a nag
Critics hush when jaws collapse
Walsh is back
(I need a Tauga rat!)
Dog I got the raps

[Verse 3: P Walsh]
You got the raps
I got the plans Sarandon
Suing us will get you slammed and bandaged
Dammit get your slander damaged
Branded, blandish
This band will leave you fan kids feel rancid
Going on off on a pedantic tangent
Can't see through us like ceramic antics

[Verse 4: Trippy Tyler]
Antic when these grams lit
Manic mantic in the van whip
Out the pamphlet make you panic
Doubt the clan you getting banished
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Like Mansons getting hype
Frantic slide inside of Sharon's mansion
All the fighting wasn't candid
Just some knives and dirty dancing

[Verse 5: P Walsh]
Dancing, Tango, f** the yayo they blow
Your brains can remain low
Oh ya got her prego?! Say hasta luego!
Pulling off inside a Dodge Durango
My grade's an A bro, Jose Canseco
Built from the bottom just like a Lego
Hobbling, Where'd my leg go
The Hob Goblin, eats a Spider-Mane-go
Tyler (What?), hey (What dude?), go (Oh)

[Verse 6: Trippy Tyler]
Okay yo, it's the white Django
Riding in a white pave low
I'm stable
Enabled to lay you with my wide variety of pay loads
Tyler writing heat so lay low
Annihilate the game so I ignite my propane flow
Yo brains go bang, Cobain
This whole thang c**aine dope
(Alright f** you Patrick. I'm out)

[Verse 7: P Walsh]
Scenic, Cena? Needless to say I've Scene-It
Dreams of me give you enuresis
Sweetest thoughts, my nut is in a Reese's
We is, brumous to you, are non-luminous
Never slay or slew my dudes, not me, Brutus
Confusing you useless brutes like Confucius
The Druid and stoop kid fuse and ooze music fluid
Lose It, taught to the foolish, you're the students
Move to the movement, stupid

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