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P S Y K O N - Spend The Night lyrics

Thigh gaps, check the knee highs
In the ti-di's and the 45 levis
Fitted down with the crown of the beehive
Nigga thrown shade i just hit em with the peace sign
I spit that new world order
Pop pop dispatch get the coroner
Bitch i got visas at my name at border
Pull up in the truck shot gun in the hummerer
Bad brown skin and the tat say thug life
I spit burns, these fuck niggas apply ice
You want bars? i spit shit for top price
My niggas shoot but dizzy yeah she's nice
I might let her
Maybe might if it gets wetter
If its wetter i guarantee ya the chips better
Freaky fella that spit shit and chip cheddar
Mozzarella that got these niggas under pressure
The recipe to kill these niggas is 4 letters
B A R S and your a cold killed
B S A D bitch im a heat spitter
I don't need agin i spit bars and blast triggers, nigga


The way he givin it to me i think he deserve a woodie
He always getting it sticky and mushie he get it gushie
He push in the mussy pussy
The cookie the goodie goodie
Can't keep ya eyes of my fatty daddy daddy kookie kookie
Do-ya do-ya do-ya do ya wanna spend the night?
Rude boy, i can bite it no mike-ike tys
I can go rounds maybe bust nuts twice
Beat it once beat it thrice and knock out my lights
Muscle pipe
Goofy niggas not my type
Them other bitches hella dusty, heard them hoes got lice
Its hella tight, nigga no fried rice eyes
That nice surprise
No white meat just thighs... and ass
Now split that cash
I'm still hood bet i fuck em and dash
Yo, kill will number one in the class
I got these niggas hella mad cuz I'm killin these fags
Killin these fags
Bitch i got the 9 on the dash
A 38 all in the waist i got the fattest of ass
They fuck with the cash then all these goofy niggas i blast
Im pushing weight I'm pushing pounds bitch I'm pushing that mass
I'm kill will bitch i chill bitch i kick like I'm punting you
Spit a 16 little nigga then I'm soning you
Cooking all the hugstables,i don't need an oven boo
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Im doin all the shit that all thee bitches is too pussy to


Just spend the night
If you feel alright
Just spend the night
I feel you feel alright

Browsing through the target
34's or 36
And I need a 35 but that shit does not exist
And I'm caught in the in-between
Need a boy right next to me
Won't be forgiven if I'm not given affection like

Kata, Kata
You know that I love ya
But I know that he's like "Ha, I'm so above ya"
Finna hit the top because I'm playing for keeps
If a bitch wanna get risky she can be on my team
Or get bit with the teeth
Main cunt in the lead
And I never fuck free, all the flow that you need like
Who want it?
I put my mans on it
Check a chick twice like slice, dice, and ice bitch
Kindergarten cos you know I don't play nice, bitch
Your man? He don't know me, but I will remind him
If he's bored he knows where he can find this

Just spend the night
If you feel alright
Just spend the night
If you feel alright
Babe, babe babe if you feel alright
Just spend the night
If you feel alright


I never order broke dick off the menu
Fine chinas and wines
Stilettos clicking all night
I get my money on time
Just name the price, he drop the dollars on sight
Big pockets and cock the size of rockets
And hot when he gets on it but I'm just gon' be honest
His top game is the strongest, he mean when he gets on it
He just force it and contort it and I can't even ignore it like
Faggots playing with me
What do we both see?
Your boyfriend holds the motherfucking door for me

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