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P S Y K O N - Bettie Page lyrics

For you I was like Thomas Beard, I bit the bullet
There was no time to kill, ask Sandra Bullock
You were one of a few, maybe a dozen
No wonder I was so reluctant, fuck it
I don't need an oven, I'll just make myself some microwaved chicken nuggets
Until I kick the bucket
Filled with my stomach, chum and
Something, I wasn't tailing her, I'd rather just tuck it
You know I tried my best to be better than the rest
I cared more about your heart than your voluptuous breasts
Of course I noticed, but your heart was the coldest, it stood out, noted
Left your legs open when I was approaching below your hip
You were only focused with your nose and when the coke was in
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Or when there was gold to dig, reflecting an Olsen twin
But I've stopped caring once I saw you approach the tip
Love is in the air, can't you smell it?
Or it could be the bullshit that you left me to dwell in
I mean free pussy is free pussy, that's all you throw
And some of those fits, I wouldn't know
I stopped paying attention once you started undressin'
I hope you learned something from this fuckin' worthless lesson
I don't understand why I do it to myself
I'm starting to see why it can be bad for my health
It's closed curtains, game over in terms of what's between us
Sick and tired of you trying to mislead but
Long story short, or short story exaggerated
Tried to go with the flow but it ended up evaporatin'

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